Jul 13, 2023Tara Knight

Last week I took a visit to Stem and Green, a natural flower farm set up by James, located just outside of Winchester in Hampshire.

Did you know that as recently as the 80s, most of the flowers used in this country were homegrown, but with the onset of large scale growers abroad this shifted. Nowadays around 90% of the flowers sold in the UK are imported. 

James and his small team grow scented, sustainable British flowers from seed using organic methods on just over 2 acres of chalk-land.You can only buy flowers that are in season right now during growing season from March to October. 

When I visited the field was abundant with herbs, lavender, and flowers, the sweet peas just starting, other flowers were just finishing, dahlia shots coming up. James explained how the field naturally changes colour as the season evolves. The yellows and bright colours of the early narcassi and tulips are now being replaced with deep purples, lilacs and oranges. 

During growing season we will be receiving flowers from James and his team ready for the weekend - available in Fridays in store only. 


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